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Grady County Historical Society, Inc.

The Grady County Historical Society, Inc. was organized in March of 1966. Through the efforts of Miss Wessie Connell, the public librarian for many years, a group of about 45 citizens met at the Roddenbery Memorial Library, and set the dues at 50 cents for families and 25 cents for individuals. The Society received its Certificate of Incorporation with an effective date of April 22, 1993, and has received a tax-exempt status as an organization described under Internal Revenue Service Code section 501(c)(3).


The purpose of this society shall be to bring together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of Grady County. 


The Society will discover, collect, and  disseminate any material whichmay help to establish, illustrate or educate the general public to the history of the area; including
·   its exploration, settlement, development, and activities in peace and in war, and;
·   its advancement in population, wealth, education, arts, science, agriculture, manufacturers, trade and transportation.

Grady County Museum and History Center

Renovations by the Historical Society in coordination with the City of Cairo began in January and an open house for the facility was held in September of 2010. Part of the historic building is dedicated for the museum exhibit and storage space and part serves as the City of Cairo Council Chambers which the Historical Society also uses as a meeting space.


The Grady County Museum will preserve, interpret, and display the materials of the Grady County Historical Society; offering ways to explore the people and events that have made the area what it is today


Interactive Exhibits that encourage exploration and discovery into our past.
Educational Programs for children and adults through lectures, performances, workshops, and special activities.
Archives and Research in cooperation with the Library.
Tours through the Museum, Downtown Cairo, Grady County, and Southwest Georgia.
Museum Shop featuring specialty items.

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